PT Training
S&C / Personal Training

Train face-to-face with one of our Fitness Professionals and receive a tailored S&C program with full support and guidance during your training sessions

Group Training
Group Programs

Our programs are formatted into 4-week blocks with 3 training sessions per week. Each session is focused on a specific fitness component; such as cardio or strength. Our aim is to help our participants improve in all aspects of fitness as they develop a smarter and stronger body for future sport participation.

Online Training at Home
Online Coaching

Elite Fitness Institute offers three unique online training programs. They are available to anyone aged from 9 who can’t get to our sessions in person (for example; due to location), or who prefers to train at home.

Nutritional Food For Healthy Eating
Nutrition Planning

At Elite Fitness Institute, we believe that good health is about developing positive habits in both fitness and nutrition. Fitness training alone is great but when you take care of what you put into your body as well, the nutrients will boost your performance to the next level and beyond.

Training With Elite Fitness Institute

Elite Fitness Institute is Australia’s leading provider of sports fitness programs for young athletes. Based in Bondi Junction (in Sydney’s eastern suburbs) Click here for more...


We specialise in providing fitness training programs and camps for youths aged 9 to 18 years. We offer several program options, including face-to-face personal and group sessions – plus feature-packed online fitness training and nutrition programs.

Our dedicated coaches provide periodised conditioning plans designed for growing bodies. We help young people to improve their fitness, train for an event, or develop strong foundation skills they can use in any sport.

We focus on all components of fitness during our participants’ developing years. A narrow athletic foundation can limit an athlete’s future success in their chosen sport as they will lack a broad range of fitness skills. We also encourage exercise for pure enjoyment.

After completing our comprehensive training, participants will be in an ideal position to choose their speciality, where they can draw on their complete skill set for maximum performance. For example, a young aspiring tennis pro will gain more from a training program that includes a mix of sports than one that only focuses on tennis skills. They will have a strong advantage as a player due to their increased speed, agility, strength, and stamina.


To provide the best sports fitness program for 9 – 18 -year-olds in Australia through our structured 4-weekly programs and online training programs. We empower our young athletes and help them develop a wide range of sporting and personal skills they can use throughout their lives.


To give the best possible support and guidance to young developing athletes so they can develop into the champions of tomorrow.


We aim to ensure all our programs are fun, motivating, inclusive, and effective. Elite Fitness Institute activities are always conducted in a safe and supportive environment.