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Looking to improve your speed and acceleration? Maybe even throw in some strength training in there as well?

Then our PerformancePro Training Parachute are perfect for you! Unlike most exercise regimens that either target speed or resistance training, these chutes allow you to do both simultaneously. This chute provides 15-30 lbs. of resistance depending on your speed, which effectively improves stamina, explosiveness, core strength and builds leg muscles in the process as well. That’s why parachute running is now widely used by pros in all areas of sports.

Chase your goals with the PerformancePro Training Parachute, a speed resistance training parachute for all kinds of athletes. Train to improve your speed, stamina, strength, and acceleration. This chute provides 15-30 lbs. of resistance, allowing you to improve your stride length and frequency.The easy release belt buckle gives you the lightweight, explosive feeling as you release the chute mid stride. The PerformancePro Training Parachute comes with a 2” thick, durable nylon easy release belt that is adjustable for almost any athlete.With a 360-degree rotation ring, it provides you the freedom to practice a variety of drills, so you can train in any direction. Let the pull of the chute encourage an upright posture, while the free-motion ring allows for a free-sliding, comfortable training aid. When positioned on the right or left hip, it allows you to get off the line laterally. When positioned at the centre of your back, it allows for a linear or parallel start. Whether you’re training for sprints, or you’re trying to stay fit during the off season, this resistance training parachute will help keep your goals in gear. You can feel confident that you’re running in the right direction with the PerformancePro Training Parachute.


  • Built-in mesh panels keep strings from tangling and help stabilize the chute during workouts .
  • Quick-release belt buckle allows for training with acceleration bursts .
  • 360 degree rotation belt with free motion ring allows for movement in any direction .
  • Measures 54 by 54 inches .
  • Resistance: Approximately 15-30 lbs of progressive resistance, depending on speed of user.
  • Adjustable velcro belt fits most athletes.
  • Chute releases while running for over-speed training.
  • Includes strong mesh-faced carrying pouch.



  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions: 56″ / 1.42 diameter
  • Waist size: approx. 20-42 inches (adjustable)
  • Weight: 175 grams
  • Colour: Black
  • Resistance: 15 to 30 lbs resistance can be created depending on speed
  • Package Includes: 1 x Running Chute