TRX Suspension System


This TRX Suspension System is the ultimate training Training tool for athletes and any other individual seeking to improve their strength, power and mobility!

The TRX Suspension system allows you to use your own bodyweight to strengthen your core, build strength and power.


  • Carabiner: safety tested to hold more than 700 pounds
  • Equaliser loop: self levelling straps that allow for quick transition
  • Locking loop: Safety – keeps user from falling if grip is lost on one handle
  • Adjuster pull tabs: for easy up/down adjustments
  • Adjustments: light weight buckle for easy adjustment
  • Handle: foam grips for superior comfort and increased door protection
  • Foot cradle: neoprene cradles designed for a range of shoe sizes





1.Soft rubber Handles with Foot Loops -Durable, comfortable non-slip design

2.Suspension Anchor Carabina -Train outside and attach to any suitable, strong anchor point

3.Strap Extender – Lock the suspension trainer to any high or large diameter anchor point

4.Meshed Carry Bag – Compact and easy to carry where ever you want to train

5.Made with 3cm and 4 cm straps

6.Max 2.5 meters long

7.Handles made with soft rubber

8.Adjustable metal cam buckle -easy and fast clip to change length Attachment two options: 1. On the door facility, 2. Using a hook on the tree, wall, ceiling, ladder, etc

9. Can change the length of each handle separately with foot straps- Can change the length of each handle separately


1 x  TRX Strong Body Suspension System

1 x Bag

1 x Door Anchor

Manual & Exercise booklet