Elite Fitness Institute recognizes that it is responsible for prudent care, respect and duty of care for children. The safety, protection and well-being of all children is of fundamental importance to Elite Fitness Institute

This policy document is intended to be provided and made available to staff, including employees and contractors, during their employment or engagement with Elite Fitness Institute to ensure a clear understanding or their duties and obligations under the key items of child protection legislation in NSW. This policy outlines the key concepts and definitions under the relevant legislation including reportable conduct and risk management. It also sets out expected standards of behavior in relation to employees and contractors and their relationship with children.


Who is covered by this policy?

This policy applies to all Elite Fitness Institute staff including contractors.



-The dignity of the human person is fundamental to Elite Fitness Institute
-Children have the right to be safe and feel safe.
-Children’s development is dependent on the quality of care provided by the significant adults in their lives.
– Elite Fitness Institute must be a place where children feel safe. Child protection is a community responsibility.



Both the staff and Elite Fitness Institute have a range of different obligations relating to the safety, protection and welfare of children:

  1. a) A duty of care to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to prevent harm to children;
  2. b) Obligations under work health and safety legislation.

The purpose of this Policy is to summarise the obligations imposed by child legislation on Elite Fitness Institute, including its employees and contractors, and to provide guidelines as to how Elite Fitness Institute will deal with child protection matters.


  1. Key Legislation
    There are three key pieces of legislation of child protection legislation in New South Wales:
  2. a) The Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 (NSW);
  3.     b) The Ombudsman Act 1974 (NSW); and
    c) The Child Protection (Working With Children )Act 2012 (NSW).


Elite Fitness Institute will adhere to all child protection legislation in New South Wales.


  1. Obligations to report

Elite Fitness Institute requires reporting of child protection issues; Elite Fitness Institute requires staff to report any concern they may have about the safety, welfare or wellbeing of a child or young person to the Director.

If the allegation involves the Director, staff are required to report to the Operations Manager.


Under the Care and Protection Act mandatory reporters are persons who:
a) In the course of their employment, deliver services including health care; welfare, education, children’s services and residential services, to

children; or
b) Hold a management position in an organisation, the duties of which

include direct responsibility for, or direct supervision of, the provision of services including health care, welfare, education, children’s services and residential services to children;


All clinicians at Elite Fitness Institute are mandatory reporters.


This obligation is part of Elite Fitness Institute’s overall commitment to the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children.









Any parents, carers, legal guardians or children who have concerns or queries relating to the safety, welfare or wellbeing of children whilst under the care of Elite Fitness Institute should contact the Director or Operations Manager.


Policy Information


Responsibility                                   Human Resources

Date Composed

Date of Review


This policy will be reviewed from time to time as required. This will generally be at least every 3 years.


Date Modified


Breaches of this policy

Any breach of this policy will result in appropriate disciplinary procedures which may include dismissal.



Team members wishing to discuss any aspect of this policy are invited to contact the Operations Manager:


Phone: 0422986590.