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How do I enrol?

See our Programs page and click on the program that you would like to participate in, then fill out the appropriate questionnaire. After registration, you will receive a login and password. Your enrolment will be complete once payment has been made in full.

Do I need to supply parental or guardian permission?

If you are under the age of 16, you must supply parental or guardian permission to register with Elite Fitness Institute.

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How do I pay for programs?

We take payments using the PayPal which accepts all major credit cards and protected by PayPal’s security guarantee. Payments will be deducted weekly until you end your program subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription simply log into PayPal. Click Payments. Click Manage Automatic Payments . Click the agreement with Elite Fitness Institute then Click Cancel.

Are your programs age and skill appropriate?

EFI specifically designs programs for young healthy bodies. Our exercises are monitored by our professionals and are safe and appropriate to the skill level. Clients that have injuries or medical issues will have to get a medical clearance from an allied health professional.

Do you cater for individuals with special needs?

If individuals are able to participate in their preferred program to the same extent as other athletes in that program, without extra assistance, then we will endeavour to include them. For example, this may include teenagers who can self-manage their diabetes. However, each participant will be assessed for inclusion on a case-by-case basis.

Do your team members have appropriate qualifications?

All Elite Fitness Institute staff are fully-qualified coaches and fitness instructors who hold the appropriate police checks and Working with Children and first-aid certifications.

Are your programs covered by insurance?


What happens if I (or my child) is injured while under the supervision of Elite Fitness Institute?

Our fitness professionals all hold current first aid certifications. They will apply first aid assistance and call parent or guardian straight away for them to take them home or to seek further medical assistance.

Elite Fitness Institute holds all appropriate insurance for our activities. Please see our Terms & Conditions page or contact us if you require more information.

Group & individual fitness programs

All fitness equipment is included in all sessions. However, individuals will need to supply their own sports attire, water, and snacks.

How much do group sessions cost?

Our 4-week group Elite or Novice Training programs are $99 per week.

How much do individual sessions cost?

Individual sessions are $100 per session plus travel time and facility hire if applicable.

We do not charge for travel time for sessions held in the Waverley and Woollahra council areas. An extra $30 per hour will be charged for sessions held outside these areas.

We charge an extra $30 for sessions held in a fitness facility to cover venue hire costs.

What are the billing arrangements for your group and individual programs?

Group sessions

Once you have registered and have paid for your first week, you will receive access to that week’s program. Payments must be made before each Tuesday week.

If you have registered for one of our 4-week or the Basic Online programs your first week will be considered a free trial. If you chose to continue, you will be billed weekly from your second week onwards.

Personal training sessions

Our individual, face-to-face sessions are charged separately per session.

How many participants are there in each group?

For safety and efficiency, we only allow a maximum of 10 participants per group.

Will the Novice and Elite groups ever have joint sessions?

Yes, training sessions may sometimes be joined depending on the circumstances. For example, when there are low participant numbers in each group or if their training programs are similar in that session timeslot.

What are the group program session times?

Our group sessions are run 3 times per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 4 pm – 6 pm. If needed, we may run additional sessions on other days and split the groups over alternate days. Elite Fitness Institute will notify you of any session time changes that may affect you.

9-14 years:

Novice/Elite: 4 pm – 5 pm

14-18 years:

Novice/Elite: 5 pm 6 pm

See our group program page for more information about our Novice and Elite levels.

When are individual sessions scheduled?

Individual session times will be negotiated between the coach and the client, subject to the trainer’s availability.

Where are Elite Fitness Institute’s sessions located?

Group sessions:

Our Group training locations will vary depending on the program. Outdoor sessions will be held in parks in and around the Woollahra and Waverley Council areas of Sydney – including Christison Park (Vaucluse), Lyne Park (Rose Bay) Rushcutters Bay Park (Darling Point) Dudley Page Reserve (Dover Heights)- and at Bondi Beach. Future sessions may also be in other parks and areas. Indoor sessions will be at DK Studio in Bondi Junction.

Individual sessions:

Individual sessions will be held at the client’s home. (Indoors or outdoors as applicable.) Clients can opt to have their sessions held at an appropriate fitness facility, however, this will incur an additional fee. (See our session charges above.)

Does a parent or guardian need to be present during each session?

Parents and guardians are not permitted to be present during our sessions (unless under an agreement with the relevant coach). We believe this approach helps our young athletes to maintain their focus and motivation more effectively during their sessions.

Is there any transport available to and from the group sessions?

Each participant will have to make their own travel arrangements to and from each session.

How will I know which sessions will be held indoors?

Session locations will be noted on our program schedules – which you will receive weekly via email. Schedule details will also be posted on our Elite Fitness Institute online portal.

What happens in the event of bad weather?

Most sessions will be held in most weather conditions and run per schedule, coaches will only cancel or postpone a training session if it could endanger the participants.

What happens if a session is cancelled?

If we cancel a session for any reason, participants (or their parents or guardians) will receive in app and email notifications. If a session is cancelled, it will be either rescheduled for another date or the training program will be adjusted to take into account the missed training session.

What if I (or my child) can’t continue the program? (For example, due to illness).

Elite Fitness Institute offers no lock-in contracts so sessions are paid on a weekly basis. Missed sessions will not be refunded.

Online fitness programs

How much does the 8-week online program cost?

This program is offered as a weekly subscription at $9.95 per week with no lock-in contracts. Payable in advance.

How much does the Standard online program cost?

This program is offered as a monthly subscription at $200 per month with no lock-in contracts. Payable in advance.

How much does the Premium online program cost?

This program is offered as a monthly subscription at $250 per month with no lock-in contracts. Payable in advance.

Are the online programs suitable for over 18s?

Absolutely! These programs are suitable for anyone looking to increase their overall fitness. Our online programs are very comprehensive and will suit anyone who wants to get in shape or prepare for an event .

Online Nutrition program

How much does the online Nutrition program cost?

Each one-off program costs $50. Payable in advance.

Who created the Elite Fitness Institute Nutrition program?

Our Nutrition program is powered by Evolution Nutrition and all meal plans have been created by registered dieticians.

How do I access the Nutrition program?

Once you have registered, your coach will send you a PDF file containing your 7-day meal plan and related information via email or through the our mobile application. You can opt to have your own login and password to our nutrition portal which will enable you to change swap food items in your meal plan and to track your progress.

Should I consult with a health professional before commencing a nutrition program?

Yes, Elite Fitness Institute recommends that all our participants consult their GP or a registered dietician before commencing any nutrition program.

How is the program structured?

Your customised nutrition program is designed as a one-off solution to meet your current goals and to enhance your fitness program. You will receive a 7-day meal plan which you can continue for 3-4 weeks on your own to help you form healthy eating habits. See our Programs page for more information about our Nutrition program.

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