Our fitness programs

Are you looking for a fitness program specifically designed to help preteens and teens develop and increase their fitness level? Or a tailored strength and conditioning program to help prepare for a competition? Then look no further! Elite Fitness Institute is a leader in providing structured programs that will help all our young participants achieve their goals.

Our comprehensive programs are open to youths of any gender and with any level of fitness. We offer customised online and face-to-face training plus structured group sessions. The group sessions include a Novice Program for beginners and an Elite Program for more advanced athletes.

Our online training is available at:




We strive to help each member discover the benefits of long-term healthy habits; which is why we like to work with our athletes as soon as possible. We also aim to help them develop motor skills that will serve them well in future sports participation and recreational activities.

At Elite Fitness Institute, we understand that everyone is unique. Not all participants have a sporting career as an end goal. Some simply enjoy being physically active while others take part to improve their general fitness or self-confidence. Our variety of session types cater for personal preferences and circumstances.

Our professional team will help young athletes cultivate many personal skills, while steadily improving their physical performance and learning to lead a healthy lifestyle

Personal Skills


Physical Skills

So, if you (or your child) are passionate about fitness and nutrition and are committed to achieving your dreams and goals, click here to sign up today! *

Limited spaces remain in our group fitness programs.

* Those aged under 18 will need parental or guardian permission to join.

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